More Reason To Stay Away

from cities in the flight path… You couldn’t give me some of those homes in SSF that are in the hills where planes taking off from SFO are practically scrapping your rooftop. And the audacity to ask for nearly 1M on some of them…

$5.7B? I wonder how much a corporation could build for that. That seems insanely expensive.

Why not make more use of the Oakland and San Jose airports? They seem to be under utilized to me.

I use OAK as much as I can. I can get though security in 15m most of the time. It’s wonderful.

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San Jose’s new terminal is nice. There’s not a lot of international flights from it. It’s super convenient though.

Let’s be honest, SFO is a big boy airport with many carriers and many international flights to everywhere. The others, while convenient, are simply not there yet.

And that’s fine. But there are still plenty of domestic flights that flies to SFO. If more domestic flights fly to OAK and San Jose, it would relieve the pressure at SFO.

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And how can I forget the biggest reason, SFO is fairly central to everyone here on the peninsula. Oakland is across the bay and do you really want to shlep all that luggage onto BART or take Uber or a taxi across the bridge? There goes that savings. No doubt, SFO is now charging ridiculous parking rates I hear but that is why you love it here, right?

SFO is central to people living around SF. Many more people live either in East Bay or South Bay.

If your flight at SFO is at 10am and you live in SJ, how early do you need to leave door? 7am? 6am?

Funny you use this example. I can say the same thing vice versa because it was true for me when I had to fly to LA a lot for meetings that began at 8am and we had to fly out of Oakland. Gee, guess what time I had to wake up, Manch? Try 4am.

That, my friend, is why we need HSR.

Don’t you live in Sunset or somewhere in the city? If your meetings are at 8am, I assume you need to arrive at 7am in LA in order to drive to your meetings. So your flight probably departs 5 something. So you wake up at 4am and get ready, drive, and get through security. The drive across the bridge at 4ish shouldn’t be bad at all. Perhaps 30/35 minute or a bit more. It seems even 4am might be cutting it close.

Of course in this case, flying out of SFO would be a shorter drive for you.

No, company policy was to fly out of Oakland regardless of where you lived so I flew out of Oakland. I didn’t make the rules…So, I ended up BARTing from DC station to Oakland at an ungodly hour to of course be there ahead of the security crunch. Office was near airport so once landing I was cool. After meetings all day to fly back from LA and get home say 9ish or so…yeah it sucked big time. I could see why people who fly a lot for a living hate it so much…

For you traveling types…

Yes, SFO, baby (not Oakland or San Ho)!!!:slight_smile:

Yeah I prefer Oakland for domestic, SFO for internatiknal