Mountain View Condo


Smartness is the key, engineering skill is only helpful but not the key.


The key word here is vision. You need vision, and then a world class engineering team to execute :slight_smile:


Thousand apologies. Now can talk condo, weekend is over :grinning:


The best UI is those I didn’t see :rofl:


Still have PMs? Thought Google uses the SCRUM process. So only SCRUM Master :slight_smile: no PM.


Sound like Apple Inc :slight_smile:


Did he mean product manager or project manager? In any case, in SCRUM process, only Product Owner, SCRUM Master + the rest.


Did you work at Apple?


Everybody has vision. I have vision. Just no engineers willing to work for me for a fraction of the fraction of the pie.


Huh? I’m jobless.


He’s a trophy husband.


Who ate more soft rice? You or @hanera?


I eat more salt than Jason eats rice. Hence I am more salty while he is softer.


Really… :rofl:


Hanera consumes lots of salt through those thousand year old eggs…


Do the khaleesi dragons come out of those when he marries a young princess? Is @hanera khal drogo?


Now you understand his interest in @harriet.


Why did @hanera ignore these posts.

FTR, this thread became absolute BS. So screwing it up even more.


I tried to steer it back to the right direction but you guys kept messing it up :unamused:


Was under the impression that these THs were affordable housing before, guess not…