Mountain View Condo


That’s prettt affordable for that part of town.


They listed low. I think it will sell at least $250K higher.


HOA Dues


May include water and garbage? Too lazy to check.


How much were they before?

If this sold near ask, I’d be interested, but sounds like this wouldn’t… :frowning:


Isn’t 2 br too small for you? Here’s another unit in the same complex, but it’s a 3 br from 2 years ago:


This one looks pretty cheap. Walking distance to the most disgusting BART station: 16th St Mission. :scream:


It’s right behind an auto shop…


Can it rent for 4500?


Not if it’s noisy. There are cheaper alternatives.


Another one in Potrero Hill, but only one bath:


This one just had a price cut. How’s the area @harriet?


I try to avoid the Mission as much as possible but this place is close to Valencia so probably not too bad?


What’s wrong with Mission?


Two words: Jane Kim.


Wow, never knew one woman can sway so much power :rofl:


I am moving out if she became mayor. :scream:


No you’re not. :rofl:


If you want to watch homeless porn on a street filled with blood, drugs, and poop, then Mission’s the place for you.


Buy when there’s blood and poop in the streets.:joy::rofl: