Mountain View Downtown

I went to Mountain View downtown Thursday night to meet with some friends. To my surprise parking was difficult to find. That was around 7pm and I had to circle around Castro St a couple times before I found street parking. All the parking lots were full.

And that wasn’t even Friday night.

Condos and townhouses around MV downtown must be doing quite well. I wish I had the foresight to buy years ago…

I saw some condos being built on El Camino and Shoreline. Anyone knows anything about them? But these are quite far from downtown.

If parking is too difficult,you may want to park in Chase parking lot after hours. We walk to downtown from our house. About 2 mile walk to the station area but this way we can consume alcohol with our meals. Right now there is a house for sale in MV on Barbara at 2 mil. It sits on 2 acres but not much has been done to the house. Good opportunity for remodeling.

Some bloggers opine that MV or SJ downtown could eventually develop into an urbanized city like SF. Castro St is well known for night life :slight_smile:

Funny, my friend who was visiting Mountain View from Singapore was shocked at how dead the heart of silicon valley was, I guess its all relative :slight_smile:

Only the 3 blocks or so from the station down. Once you walk past the Spanish restaurant it’s all crickets at night. Palo Alto University Ave is much more lively.