Move Over Tesla


Hey, I want/need Elon to succeed as much as the next Fremont homeowner…


@Jil! Why the change in sentiment all of a sudden??? Ok… you must have just purchased some TSLA stock… :rofl:


I like Elon and his vision, but his company TSLA is not doing great. He is the forerunner of electric technology, but losing a battle with GM now.

When I heard he is making car that can run 1000 km/charge, it is really great improvement.

He is ending the gas cars ERA !

You know my friend is working in TSLA 24x7 and they do not enjoy any holidays, days and nights. He has been like that last 18 months, no break. I can not even call him, except texting him.

I did not buy TSLA and I won’t touch TSLA until I am comfortable enough to put my money.


I couldn’t fit in the first Tesla sports car, which was just an electric Lotus… I wonder if the new one will be bigger?


Ok in that case maybe I should buy some GM stocks to hedge my bet… :rofl:


Tell me when I can sell my cars and convert the garage to an entertainment theater.


Musk is the ultimate scammer… Who is talking about his failed 3… Dazzle the converted with more koolaid…
A truck that is 10 years from fruition. a sports car no one needs a tunnel that will never be built…
Doesn’t matter to the Kool aid crowd…


No, not really.

Musk is a pure techno-crate, he takes challenging tasks/project which no one dare to touch it.

It took him 10 years to bring up TESLA, he needs to appoint good CEO to drive it, but he is driving on his own. That is the issue.

He is challenging Space-X, commercial flight to moon or space, an extra ordinary task. Hyperloop Train, another challenging project.

Even now, if he makes an IPO with these projects, people will pour money on to it. He is a tough person like Trump !



You need to cancel your previous Tesla booking and be one of the 1,000 to buy the new Roadster for $250,000. $250 million paid up front! That is enough working capital for a while.


He is extremely competitive and tough. Admirable in a rugby player… But he is also a bragger, liar and ADD addled dream chaser… Let others throw their money away.
Not for me… He is selling fantasy not reality…


I vote for you ! Let him buy RoadSter and let us buy TSLA shares soon !


Time to buy is now.

I’m the ultimate investor, not ultimate consumer… I bought TSLA stocks 5 years before I decided to sign up for a Model 3… :rofl:


He has a vision, and the vision you need to see. His approach is not about making this and that, but sticking to his ground, energy. Whatever it comes from.



Too bad you missed out on Tsla’s 1000% run. Badmouthing Mr. Musk now isn’t going to help. Start buying some stocks might… :laughing:


Missed plenty of other 1000% runs…But this run is out of gas.


Oh great! Right out of the mouth of a competitor… What did Steve Ballmer say about the iPhone back in 2007??? @hanera please remind our friend @Elt1 in case he couldn’t recall… :rofl:


GM could be a collaborator…why not just sell of the production and just concentrate on new technologies…
Like when HP spun off Agilent… Musk is a great entrepreneur, just not a great manager. …


That would probably help GM not Tesla. GM stock will shoot up if Tesla did that. This goes to show that the value lies in Tesla not GM.


Pre-election, one year CNBC was daily telling “Trump” is a loser ! Now, you know how much you can trust such sources !

Tesla has great Cars, but expensive ones to get, high margin. It is hard for Tesla to file bankruptcy as Tesla will make others bankruptcy !