Move Over Tesla


Expensive cars that made no profits. How long can Musk give these things away when investor support goes away,


You should ask this question more urgently with regard to bitcoins… :rofl:


Now bitcoins are hedge-fund coins, you will never know how many HF files bankruptcy until BTC hits ground !


There will be many… :rofl:


Old video, but interesting



Their CEO is making my undergrad look good!


The market can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.


He can keep laughing. Public transit agencies in the Bay Area have placed a few hundred orders for BYD and Proterra BEVs.


That car is BS. What if you want to drive it?
Park it? Move it into a garage or in another parking space.
You would have to use gps commands all the time whether practical or not…


Oops, never mind…




The power of 12 shares…lol


How did that even make it into the news? Either this journalist really needs content or Elon’s star power is too much to handle.


Though… it’s tempting to get 1 share and replace elon just for the heck of it.
The power of even less shares.