Moving Up a Tier

I would love to.

Have you got a place where I can keep & restore four hobby cars and a small motorhome?

The most affordable place I know of is sadly, right where they are.

Ooooowwwww, what you got hiding in your stable there, @tomhVallejo??? I love cars…

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Just toy cars, length not longer than 8".

Time to join the demolition derby. …Or could start your own and crash them in to each other…lol…Sorry Tom but collecting old cars is just about nostalgia. .I love old cars, but dont have the patience for them…Used to have three…my best friend was my mechanic…Took my wife to the car shows…With her Russian heritage all she saw was old men with their old cars…I sold my cars, only buy new Toyotas that last forever…Haven’t seen my mechanic buddy since. …Now on Lake Tahoe I am buying boats…My best friend is a boat mechanic…I see a pattern forming…lol

How is the housing market in Tahoe doing by the way, @Elt1? I remember it was crazy at one point. I imagine still very expensive to get a cabin?

Substitute “old houses” for “old cars” in your last post and let’s have a laugh. :wink:

Besides, I am an “old man”. But, I’m pretty sure I haven’t met your wife at any car shows I’ve been at. :relaxed:

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