Multi-family homes in bay area

What kind of scheme?

Oh, I don’t know. I am just thinking he may try the “my daughter needs a place to live that is separate from our house” angle. Hey, if he can pull it off more power to him…

Just google the address about 18 months from now. When the tenants’ lawsuit is in Google’s index.

Oh I see. I read it wrong. I thought it happened already.

I owned my Oakland Triplex since 2012. Same tenants. Oh well.

Cash flow positive???

Yes since I bought it at low price with a 30 year mortgage at a low interest rate.

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Were the tenants living there before you bought?

If your tenant qualify, you can help them buy a house if they are willing to vacate after purchase.

One thing I did not do in the past (my excuse was I was busy with work and didn’t want constant turnover) was being diligent about raising the rent if not when allowable (the allowed Oakland % each year) or at least every few years. You figure the amount allowed is fairly minimal so maybe bank it and pass it through every few years I guess.

The tenants were there before I bought the place. They have been fine overall. They rarely call for me anything, only bigger item things.

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The first few years I didn’t raise anything. I been raising the rent by the allowable % for the past 3 years.

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Make sure it is a safe neighborhood. .You dont want to end up like this guy…

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Rent control didn’t stop these guys from buying multi units…