Multiplex Review/Comments and Location San Bruno

Just would like to know your thoughts about this multiplex at San Bruno. I am not buying (as I am not eligible), but would like to know whether the location is good for future appreciation growth, crime rate and Future cash flow prospects.

I see Gross Rent Multiplier: 17.91, says Long time owner has kept rents low. This building offers great upside with no rent control.

I saw that too. But rent control will cover the entire Bay Area sooner or later if not the entire state. :smiling_imp:

This multiplex is a block from Fat Wong’s. There is a noise issue due to close proximity to the airport and neighborhood is so-so (similar to SSF near El Camino). That area has been about the same for a long time; don’t foresee any gentrification.


Wow, what a Debbie Downer… .what is the point of this website then? Multi unit investing is crucial to making money, Sir! Ask anybody with some cred. Do you see Warren B buying condos? If and when rent control overtakes the land, the positive cash flow aspect from multi units will still make it a good investment of choice despite the drawbacks.

Once you reach more equity, rent control may not affect except pulling down the profit. For example, a person known to me bought the house at $175k range long back, renting his home for $1225 while market rent is $1750. Even though rent control is not in that city he does not care as he got enough cash flow money with long term tenant.

Right, because at the end of the day that is the name of the game. Hopefully, you get to that point where the cash flow is very good, your loan is minimal or paid off even and then you could live off of that money comfortably in retirement DESPITE rent control if it ever comes…

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