My dose of negativity for the day:

I’m sure this will be taken as another “good sign” for BA RE

sorry all, just doing my job: Rent and Vent


There is always the rapture :sunglasses:

Don’t worry about macros or Shiller. Concentrate on your neck of the woods.

It is just temporary, that international buyers are being essentially prohibited from buying here. The demand of such a wonderful area will always be there. I mean, is Russia or China really going to be all that, that the Bay Area becomes a ghost town? Not likely…

you are right

everything is temporary: our lives, the life of the earth, the sun, the universe itself even.



Wrong. Universe lives on indefinitely.

I thought the percent of foreign buyers in the BA has been on the decline for awhile and was down to a very small percent of overall transactions.

Man… boss, I am going to take the rest of the day off (I know, I just got here) and I am going to go out there and buy the nicest available vintage Acura NSX that I have been salivating for since high school. I don’t have any money after buying the SB home, but I do have that home equity checkbook that I can use on such a worthwhile spend, since life is temporary…

true! (maybe)
and either final outcome, the absolute zero temperature of an ever-expanding universe or infinitely hot temperature of a final singularity will make Palo Alto SFHs go up 18% a year


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It’s better join in the forum chorus song… else I would have been left venting IF I had NOT bought @3 years back… price uppp… 55% & climbing… :laughing: :rofl:

Yep. Being selfish and hoping for a downturn in BA RE by the time some funds become available

How dare you make money (on paper) on real estate around here!!! 20 lashes!!!

Well to be fair hindsight is 20/20. I should have bought in 2012!!.. but don’t have that foresight… but again that’s the point!

That equity(whether paper or realized) helps when/if I buy another house. :slight_smile:

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Very bullish. Buyers who see asians are out (and they won’t be priced out by asians) will flock into the re market. OMG!

You think RE can tank while your source of funds remains at a high value? Yeah, that seems likely…


I remember 2009-2012 well. Low inventory hard to get loans and my funds were tied up in RE. Great time to buy because nobody had money. It was a government created disaster. Greenspan ginned up the economy with free money. Then Dodd Frank pulled out the rug on lending.
Without Obama and Dodd Frank real estate would have recovered much faster. Still many places haven’t recovered. Still more cash buyers than ever. Highest equity ever. Chance of a RE recession low unless there is a stock crash. Then again nobody will have money… means prices will drop. But inventory will remain low as it did from 2009 till now.

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Gosh, it was already tough in 2003 when I was looking in the Sunset. Open houses were packed even then. I lucked out. Two words. Private Sale

I still see lots of foreigners in OH. I expect them to focus more and more on core areas.

Just bid for a property where we competed against a full cash offer. We were the top 2.

Which areas are you focussing on?

How do you know they are foreigners? : )

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