My New Hero: Rita Liu

See, @manch, can’t do it with SFHs…eventually you have to go big (commercial or residential)

Her family’s Gale Well Group (紀惠集團) waded into luxury flats and houses shortly after it started in 1976. But it found that the yields, between 2% and 4%, are constrained by the tight budgets of the multinational companies that supply most of the tenants.

She’s into condos though. Are you man enough for condos @sfdragonboy?

Her brother writes newspaper column on real estate, kind of a loose cannon. Yeah I hope one day I can work my way up to office buildings.

Well, she is into condos mostly because isn’t that the norm in HK? And I honestly don’t know what the HOA is like in HK. The point is still that ultimately whatever the investment vehicle she had to take in a tad more risk for bigger potential gain. You can’t always go the safe and easy route to make money.