Naive people

Seems that it’s easy to brainwash people. Many people are so stupid.

How can the parents be so naive? They still send their kids to the predators after so much accusations and continued rumors. Even worse, they put a Facebook page to support this predator when he was arrested.

Many of his victims are already middle aged women and some of them even speak up!!!

" Barto’s sentencing came a day after several women — who said the doctor molested them when they were children — described in a lengthy interview with NBC News how the Johnstown community rallied behind him in 2000, the first time he was accused of abusing children."

Uh…you should watch “Leaving Neverland” to understand the psychology of these people.

This is worse. The pediatric doctor is 71 and there are generations of victims, hundreds if not thousands of victims. If there was formal accusations and if there are continued rumors, why would parents continue to trust him? Also it’s odd that parents would leave the child to the doctor and not be there to supervise.

Not really. MJ would have been 60 by now if he was still alive. Same story.

MJ is very seclusive so it’s hard to get information. Also he only has 2 victims. And not sure whether the parents knew it but the kids were willing in order to gain something. And MJ stuff is not confirmed by the police and FBI.
It’s only rumor at this point. (I have not watch it. Disclaimer)

At least, there were only 2 stupid parents. But in this case, there are hundreds of stupidities.

MJ was a #1 superstar. This doctor has numerous alternatives

Maybe you should work at Neverland’s admission office to find out how many kids there were.