Negative Sentiment Regarding Rental Units

In HOA’s or communities with strict minimum rental time frames for unit rentals such as 30 days, why is there still negative sentiment about them? Even in a neighborhood of let’s say 100 units, when 10 of them are rentals, people become worried that the neighborhood is turning into a rental community and then want the HOA or local governing authority to raise the threshold to 6 months or even limit the number of rentals. What explains this worry?

I could find no research that a high number of rental units (with a high minimum rental time such as 30 days) lowers property values. I do know that a limiting the number of rentals in a community would make a property more difficult to sell because it would reduce the number of potential buyers and that could easily lower property values.

Like I said earlier don’t buy condos. Buy sfhs.
As a landlord you don’t want to be caught between your tenants and the HOA.

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Looking at it from someone who lives in the community, being surrounded by renters is definitely not a good thing. There’s often too much turn overs, and many younger renters tend to do late night parties etc. Imagine living in a 100 unit complex where 50 of them are constantly new ( less than 1yr), not following HOA rules - it does become a very different place to live.