New Alameda townhomes?

I’ve been offered a 3/2 here for 910k. Tri-level, with 2 car garage and a bedroom on floor level, living and dining area on second floor and master and third bedroom on third floor. What do you guys think about this one? I’m planning on living in the first floor bedroom and renting out the two other bedrooms. Will it be easy to rent out in alameda?

How big is it? It’s at the north part of Alameda, so it’s easy to get on freeways. I once considered buying in Alameda. I like the area a lot.

1800 sqft

really love the location

only thing that concerns me is the typical stuff with new homes like the dishwasher and range hood seem like they’re just shiny but cheap, in one room i saw a little gap between the carpet and the wall

what do you guys think about the value?

How about this one?

It’s 12 years old, 950K, 4/3/2360. It’s SFH. You pay premium for being brand new.

I think 910K for a townhouse in Alameda is expensive. You can get a SFH for less.

wow i wonder how it’s been on the market for 52 days already, going to check it out today

for how long it’s been on the market, should i try to offer way less than the ask?

I don’t know Alameda well but 430 Hollister looks like it might back up to a busy street?

That particular house maybe not good for its current price. But my point is that there are other SFH that sell for around the 900 price or less. So shop around more I think.