New FAA flight paths bombard Pacifica with noise

It’s 1:15 in the morning. You are deep in REM sleep when the roar of turbine engines jolts you awake.

As you lie there trying to fall back to sleep, a rumble rises in the distance, snowballing into another crescendo of sound that overwhelms your earplugs and double-paned windows. A few minutes later, a third jet soars overhead. Then another and another, a total of six in less than 45 minutes.

Pacifica property value just plummets…

And that is why I didn’t pull the trigger recently when looking for a property to do a Sec 1031 exchange for. I was looking in San Bruno, South San Francisco, and Pacifica. SSF was the worst in terms of planes overhead for me. Why on earth would I pay nearly 1M for a granted nice house but every time I go outside I will see/hear a plane overhead? Not happening. And now Pacifica, huh? Not surprising. See, there is a positive for the Sunset’s fog… keeps planes away… far far away :slight_smile:

Ouch… Thanks for the heads up. I was thinking Pacifica might be a good place for us.

Redwood City certainly gets plane noise, but it’s generally once a month with some San Carlos based group doing circles over my neighborhood at 10pm at night. multiple planes, multiple passes.

Similarly, I’m amazed Santa Clara values boomed so much. A lot of it is under the SHC flight path. It’s the side that’s normally takeoff which is even louder.

Pacifica is a town that deserves what it gets…It has been anti growth and anti business for years…When I told the mayor, 4 years ago, that East Pal Alto was a better place to invest, she became unhinged…I was totally right

How about another airline for SFO…