New HOA inspection prior to sale

My HOA just instituted a new set of governing documents that requires an inspection by the management company or their agent to confirm that you have not made any changes without an architectural review being approved. They actually come into your home to see what changes you have made and if they require a review you have to change them. Cost is $250.00. The authority for this was buried in almost 300 pages of rules so nobody knew about them previous to voting to approve them. Still it seems to me like an unwarranted violation of privacy to me, as well as an extra unneeded expense. What do you think?

Frankly, that is why I stay away from condos. The endless laws and regs. Fuuuugetaboutit!!! Sure, money can be made with them but me likes 100% freedom to paint my house purple in honor of Prince if I want to.

After awhile you would get use to it. In Singapore over 95% stay in condo, apartment or HDBs. Only top richest 5% stay in landed (SFHs, duplexes and multi-family houses).

Said the slave after getting his daily 20 lashes…

Just like stockholm symptoms, you would miss the lashes. You feel good receiving them.

Condos will be the only thing built in the future…Us old dinosaurs will have to hold on to our sfhs…then we will ne part of the 5% upper crust

Well said. SFH in Singapore is worth S$10-S$30 mil (good one a lot more), condo S$1 - S$3 mil, and HDB S$200k to S$500k (resale is higher). So in 20 years time, SFH could be worth 5-10 more !!!

I have to admit, when I get old it would be nice to live in a secured, modern high rise, ala condo… (as long as it is bolted to bedrock)… sorry had to throw that in there…:wink:

I was in Singapore in 1986…Probably could have bought one of those houses for less than $1m. .evwn thwn there was a building boom, most houses were torn down