New Hong Kong security law affect on California RE

Will the new crack down send more people to buy CA RE?

I remember to read this somewhere stating that it’s easier for Hongkong residents to immigrate to Canada than the US.

People may be scared of the commie secret police, but they are even more scared of the corona virus. Until we get a handle on it I doubt anyone wants to come to the US.

Longer term HK people would be way more eager to send their kids abroad for schools, but I doubt the parents themselves would be very eager to move to the US. Professionals who are younger and working need to find work and they don’t have the network and credentials to work here. Older people may come to the US but if they don’t need to work they may settle in SoCal or NYC instead of Bay Area.

Maybe they will go to Canada or Great Britain… easier to get visas. Trump promised a wall. Covid19 is a better barrier than a wall… be careful what you wish for.

BNO->BC now hker can live there 5 yrs then apply for perm resident.
I still have my BNO, just need to get that renew

Good to know.

They have you. Setup a recruiting office in HK :+1:

The Fall of HK in 2020 is a historic event. We will look back in the future and see how pivotal this moment was.

2020 sure is yuge. And we are only half way done.

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