Next 10x Stock Winner

What if the first one happens and second one does not happen? i.e., retest will happen, but Cloud stocks won’t come down at that discount level?

See when stocks are down 2.5%, all your cloud stocks are green. The same will happen at retest or even down more !

Second, if market is at current stage - forever - we have to be happy, celebrate and enjoy. When this time goes down, it is beyond control level and long duration for recovery.

Remember the 80+ old man did not buy at 30% bottom,but cashed in ! He would do the same this qtr also ! He understands deep 10+ years ahead with his experience level. Analysts can write anything (nonsense) about him, wrong or out of date etc, but he is really master minded person.

BTW: Team ignore this comment if you do not like it.


I was expecting this to happen. So far Don’t fight the fed work :man_shrugging:t3:

But he no longer the richest man. Keep dropping in rank. So his strategy is passé :no_good_man:

How do you say passe? He is just having the same strategy (buy/hold) like you !
Second, he need not be richest man to prove his methods are working.

Over a period, we have seen technology changes and new technology replaces old and this is what happening in this field. In just 10 more years, Jim Simon team will surpass with his algorithm.

WB is a human computer in investment side. Jim Simon medallion team uses real computer in investment side.

Is it not true that there are more than one way to invest. There are more than one strategy and styles. For example, Carl Icahn is a successful investor but he lost big time on Hertz. One win or loss means nothing in big picture. If everyone wins all the bet, money will never change hands.

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I bet the food is more real than BYND fake meat.

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all hot stocks, this market tells us to just follow the crowd rather do than any due diligence or sophisticated algorithm :stuck_out_tongue:


TQQQ appreciates less than OKTA and SHOP.

SHOP is almost $1000 despite @manch boo boo it. Challenging TSLA!

Made some $ trading SHOP, would have made multiple times more if just hold.

Some go down, some appreciate, overall, not much change thanks to MU - not even sure why I am hold this loser.

IMO, if you find early winners, when it was less than $50 or $100, like TSLA, SHOP, buy and hold is better than trading !

Long back tested SHOP, TSLA against TQQQ for last 4 years, and both win against TQQQ. The issue is related to single company TSLA or SHOP versus 100 tech companies index. At some time, bearish side, these two loses against TQQQ.

For TSLA, SHOP, you need to closely watch fundamentals and hard to get signals about possible turning point. If proper signals are found, these two are better, but I algorithmic way failed to get TSLA (Remember I used to trade TSLA, lost the track - left it the boat) signals.

For TQQQ, it is just market and turning points is more reliable data as TQQQ won’t go wild like the individual stocks, lot of reliability is built-in.

Higher your money, better to focus on reliability and index funds. For a long time frame, like 10+ years trading (not buy/hold), TQQQ is better than UPRO and rest of all indexes like Russell are not beating these TQQQ and UPRO.

BTW: This is not financial advise or stock advise.


First mentioned in Jul 17. Trading at ~$100. Now trading at $1041. 10x in 2 years. Big missed opportunity. Who say shouldn’t take advice from bloggers? You can so long is @marcus335 :crazy_face:

Traded at ~$30 in Jul 17. Now at $234. 8x in 2 years, not as good as SHOP but still damn good.

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Two issues.

  1. Identifying real opportunities at the very early stage. I have bought SHOP first at $40, never expected this big level today !

  2. Asset allocation, how much percentage investor confidently assign for that stock.

If we master this art, then great for buy/hold.

The issue is take a long time to appreciate a company, WB took like 40+ years to understand Apple. It took me 20+ years. SHOP is too new for old men like me to understand quickly. I need to be in 20+ years old to understand such companies quickly.

I see WB is almost 35 years older than you (me)!
SHOP late understanding for you (me) is like AAPL for WB ! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Okay okay, do not forget DOCU(excellent run) and TDOC ($50 to $200 level)…and then BYND…

BTW: I do not look at any of these, but only index ETFs (for 90-100% all in one).

How come no one mentioned about NIO skyrocketed from $2 to $13.5 (now)? any FOMO ?

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Everybody say China stocks are not good, they cheat on their data. So…

Buy buy buy NIO, you will know the truth…

It reminds me of 3D printer stocks when that tech was going to change the world.


For me is solar stocks. Still holding the losers FSLR and SPWR. Forgotten about them as I hold them in another account which I don’t monitor. Still VERY red.

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That’s another good analogy.

I am contemplating buying a put spread on NIO for November.