Next 10x Stock Winner


#1997 @manch buy more?


Yes as always.


What! after I sold few thousand shares. I keep missing the big jump.


what big jump?


All the shares that have big jumps of more than 10%… I own them once upon a time.


It’s never too late. Buy some tomorrow. I think I will.


I So many stocks drop significantly.
MU, PANW, UBNT -3-4%
Nearly to the price I sold 2 months ago.


Ubnt has goooood products. So a buy for me.


Your play money is not helping you to achieve your long term vision.


Worse my wife wants take a chunk to fund the slow appreciating asset known as RE.


Your wife knows @BAGB? :smile:


Why is that?


Stock market is the grave for your wealth and health, young man.

Disclose your portfolio and let the gurus guide you to prosperity. Or the other way around.

Some stuff is always good, slow or fast :joy:


Brace yourself, wqj is coming after you.


Because it’s “play money”. Not enough to make a difference.


Liquidate AAPL and put everything in.


I’m bullish on NTNX and UBNT from that group.


Marginize. Don’t liquidate.