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WOW!!! :scream:

I know Yelp sucks. Didn’t expect it sucks so much.


May I remind you that FB also dropped more than 25% from its high.


And Tesla has dozens of times


Based on results, I see Yelp will also have slow growth like FB

Almost all ads companies are beaten, including GOOGL, FB, YELP…etc except TWTR (it is already dropped low).

Shares of Yelp tumbled more than 28% in post-market trading Thursday after the company cut its revenue forecast on slower-than-expected growth in the number of merchants advertising on its platform.

The San Francisco-based online review company said local advertising revenue was lower than anticipated in the third quarter, in part because it had a harder time reaching businesses with traditional sales calls. Paying advertiser account growth, which reflects businesses that have paid for ads over a three-month period, remained flat from the second quarter at about 194,000.

As a result, Chief Financial Officer Charles Baker said on a conference call with analysts that Yelp will slow the growth of its sales force in 2019. Usually, Mr. Baker said, Yelp expands the number of workers in sales by 20% a year. The company intends to focus on alternative ways to reach business owners such as using targeted emails, text messaging and in-app notifications.

“We’d love to get off of a, ‘Hey, you need to drive head count in order to drive revenue’, and really invest in those high-quality areas,” Chief Operating Officer Joseph Nachman said on the call.

Yelp executives also said the shift to not requiring business customers to commit to a fixed time period for advertising made its results more sensitive to short-term issues. In its second-quarter report, the company said its results benefited from loosening terms on advertising. Ad revenue rose 21% in the second quarter from the prior year.

Revenue for Yelp rose 8.9% to $241.1 million, missing the $245.4 million analysts polled by FactSet were expecting. The firm also lowered its 2018 revenue forecast to between $938 million and $942 million from its prior target of between $952 million and $967 million.


Here’s a tip for yelp. Let people close their business page, so yelp doesn’t waste time trying to sell ads to a business that’s closed.

They literally don’t have a business model except more telemarketers to sell more ads. The customer acquisition cost is higher than the profits the first year and not many businesses renew for a second year.


Google maps and search i think is killing yelp.


At this point I’m hoping Yelp can get acquired with a 50% premium. But knowing Jeremy, I know he wouldn’t be satisfied unless its price point goes back to all time high.


All ad based companies are getting hit this year including GOOGL and FB.

When AAPL itself (Product company) unnecessarily dropped (even though it recovers), companies mainly depended on ads likely suffer big time.

Probably they may all recover after Jan/Feb 2019.

I prefer to go product (AAPL, TSLA) or service based companies (SQ, AMZN) for long hold or prod/serv mixed companies.

With FED adding rate hikes, strong companies with essential product/services will sustain while others will suffer with sales reduction when credit/money is hard.


Bomb after bomb. Tech sucks, that’s why Bay Area housing market has slowed


I actually noticed some upgrades to yelp. The product used to stagnate for many years but recently they started doing new things again. You can reserve tables on yelp open table style and you can order take outs.

But the absolutely key feature they are missing is personalized recommendation. I don’t see any company tackling that in the offline world yet.


AAPL appears in a 10x thread? To $10T :scream: Btw, AAPL would soon be a service based company. Subscribe to Apple iCloud & Apple Music get a discounted :blush: iPhone (or in installment) with …


APPL to 10T would be my lucky day… :laughing:


AAPL will soon be a dividend aristocrat and stabilized after some level. It may be 100B-150B level. The main reason the stock tanked as people suspect it reached max now at 100B sales level.


Law of large numbers :slight_smile: Peak unit :slight_smile: Peak sales :slight_smile: Peak market cap :slight_smile: What else?


People used to think IBM will dominate forever too. Didn’t work out so well. :smile:


Peak sales results into peak profit

Profit is directly translated to stock prices

Stock prices reflects into market cap.


How does it relate to Apple? In all the market Apple operates, they are a small player. Market share of iPhone is small compare to Android. Marketshare of Mac is small compare to PC market. So Apple doesn’t dominate like IBM does.


Some breakouts today. Many names broke out in the last few days.

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I have got this is reddit, worth noting the summary.



UBNT hit ATH on earnings. I’ll have to read them later.