Next 10x Stock Winner


Sorry, assumed you were a novice. :smile: I am getting into the mindset that stock market will be more and more unpredictable. On the other hand, like @hanera said homes are needed no matter how the economy is. In the long run I have not seen people losing money in real estate in any of the cities with good jobs.


You hold the home for longer term without even looking at daily price fluctuations.

If you hold good company stock ( say FAANGs) similar long term, you will gain better and faster.

If disturbed by daily fluctuations, stand to make loss.

Home holding is good with mortgage leverage. If full cash paid, stocks are better.


Yes, now that FAANGs are down by 30% it’s probably a good time to buy.


I didn’t sell anything during this downturn. Really? Not even a 10% correction on the S&P and you think the world’s crashing? What if the real crash happened? :thinking:


This is very hard mindset , should be seasoned a lot !

See here how someone asked about investing and see the best answer.


Good suggestion. But if you had to rely on forgetting the password, it shows the kind of instability you have so maybe seeking help from a professional financial service might be the better way to go.


We had a real crash 10 years ago. What did everyone do?


I stayed in with all my ETFs. @hanera stayed in with his AAPL. Everyone else probably hasn’t even started buying stocks.


is this the bottom? which bottom? 4th?


Bought WM in the first half of 2008 on its way down with my meager savings and sold it within a day during a dead cat bounce for 25% gain (pure luck). The buy and hold forever strategy only applies to a selected few - my money at the time would have evaporated if I held on. Started to buy again in 2009.


It’s a good feeling to be amongst the selected few… :rofl:


I’m talking about stocks…:roll_eyes:


I road out 2008-9. Wasn’t nearly as painful as 2000-2002


S&P500 reached lowest on Oct 29, 2018. The SPY ETF reached 263.86 on that day. This is the first bottom after October or 4th bottom for year 2018.

If there is a dip lower than SPY 263.86, it is considered as 2nd bottom after October 2018 or 5th bottom in year 2018.


Those who think 2008-9 is bad because is their first time. 2000-2002 is really bad.


Since you like to pump STNE, I have to humor you… gain enough for HDL for four :slight_smile:





UBNT is holding up better than most with it’s tiny float. Some of those companies have really good earnings, and they are all being thrown out the same.


UBNT is mostly held by the founder :slight_smile: and his friends?


The company also added $200 million to its stock buyback plan.