Next 10x Stock Winner


On CNBC’s “Mad Money Lightning Round,” Jim Cramer said that Five Below Inc (NASDAQ: FIVE) is incredibly oversold.

Splunk Inc (NASDAQ: SPLK) is doing well, but that doesn’t mean that the stock is going to move higher, said Cramer.

QUALCOMM, Inc. (NASDAQ: QCOM) is a better pick than CROWN CASTLE IN/SH SH (NYSE: CCI), thinks Cramer. He doesn’t want to buy these stocks because he feels that 5G technology is two years away.

Square Inc (NYSE: SQ) is doing well, but it’s already up 78 percent, said Cramer. He added that traders can’t stop selling when they see these gains.

Cramer wouldn’t buy 3D Systems Corporation (NYSE: DDD) because he didn’t like the quarter.

Dana Inc (NYSE: DAN) is down 50 percent, said Cramer. He added that he would like to own one of these tech stocks that aren’t doing badly.

Cramer isn’t a buyer of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd (NYSE: BABA). He doesn’t want to own Chinese stocks.

Instead of Coherus Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ: CHRS), Cramer would rather own a company that makes original drugs.

Cramer thinks it’s too early to buy Snap Inc (NYSE: SNAP).

Jim thinks that SQ and SPLK would continue to go down despite they are doing well :slight_smile:
No China stocks for him.
Of course, buy not trade AAPL.





Unfortunately I have already sold 500 NTNX away.


Any1 invested in CRM? Is an excellent company. Do you think it can be in the mega cap league one day? Well, wqj thinks TSLA can, why not CRM? Many companies use CRM products rather than SAP or Oracle ERP.


Isn’t CRM already megacap? I need to learn more about that sector.


Thousand apologies, I meant $1T :blush: While at it, dig more into VEEV.
You should look at cloud king stocks,


I have SPLK :slight_smile:


VEEV blew up AH.


6% is blowing up? :roll_eyes:


On top of 9% in regular hours. Geez, how much is enough for ya?


Okay it’s appropriate for 15%, but not 6% :smile:


Unfortunately I don’t have $50k worth of VEEV. Is my most favorite 10x stock after UBNT (I was shook out of this counter because Andrew Left & baseball (?) issue, very angry with myself).


Salesforce: A Stock To Be Permanently Long On $CRM

The bottom line on this is a company to retain in your portfolio for the long term. It is already the largest pure-play SaaS company, and there are virtually no companies that can supplant its dominance in sales and marketing software.


What happen to the 8% during AH. All gone :imp:


SPLK up nearly 5% AH, please don’t behave like VEEV.


Few days before, Boeing (BA) came down heavily with rumor of crash issue, suddenly noticed the drop, took down some shares around $315.83 (Dividend payer, nice to hold) !

Same way today I bought SYF at $26 (below WB price and Seth Klarmann price), dividend payer, nice to hold at almost bottom price.


Luckily I beat manch to say SPLK is up otherwise his curse would bring it down like VEEV :partying_face:. Now, SPLK almost +10% up :nerd_face:


Rest assured. I only curse Apple, Tesla and Shopify. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


please release curse for AAPL and SHOP. :weary:


Given his track record, no need to worry… :rofl: