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Long time holder of AAPL should not worry about this…I wonder why?

If AAPL dips, Open a new account, buy, buy, buy AAPL as they will exceed results.

Additional dip today, gave me opportunity to double my AAPL. Now, my average price is 175.56, ROIC is 10.69% when they declare 90B sales.



Well Workday blew up.


Told you to seriously consider cloud kings


You didn’t say which cloud prince is the king. :rage:


They are kings of their own niche, I don’t know which one is emperor.


Cloud emperor = AMZN :rofl:


MSFT is closing in. GOOG also want the throne.

I have
YTD 140%
Mostly shares, some calls.


It is difficult to catch (or win) the equal potential early bird even though they may share the spot in the market.

Example: Google Android phone unable to exceed Samsung and Apple market share.


Android started later and overtook iPhone. Main reason is Apple didn’t want market share.
Profit share: Apple first, Samsung second.

MSFT has all the necessary network and technologies to catch up with AMZN’s AWS. Moreover, MSFT doesn’t compete with its business partners/ clients.


I was talking about phone pixel, not OS android.

Reg OS, Android is free, and can be extended easily in open market. Anything free will spread like fire.


Shopify is POS. Not a king anywhere.

Twilio is interesting. It owns the communication infrastructure on the cloud. I want to find out if Amazon will or can kill them off anytime soon. Probably not because it’s a lot of grunt work, and Twilio is hosted by AWS anyway.


MSFT has been in software and server services for a longer time since the days of Apple competition.

Amazon is new to cloud service, but it became leader (market share).

Now, MSFT catching up with Amazon means, they lost it already. Most of the MSFT software are enhancement or conversion of old versions to new.

Where as for AMZN, everything new, but they made it incredible speed.

The findings suggest Microsoft is posing more competition to the public cloud market leader, Amazon. They come as Amazon and Alphabet’s Google release products that address a key area that Microsoft embraced before they did: “hybrid cloud,” which means customers can use a mixture of cloud services and software they run in their own data centers, and manage both with a common set of tools.


This is my opinion, it is up to you to decide.

Regarding these, get rid of those loss making companies unless you know clearly turn-around to profit is near future.

When market is not good, they will suffer maximum.

Even stronger/profitable AAPL and AMZN were put down heavily, some of these loss making will be a pain later.


MSFT got distracted by mobile and forgot where their strength is. At least it manages to recover not like motorola (semi, handset)… motorola employed too many engineers :slight_smile: not enough business people.


VEEV and IRBT make monies.
SHOP and SPLK expected to make money from next quarter.
So sell NTNX? Sure? Just work with Google!



Added UBNT, If you forecast next 5 years, which will sustain and which will give better growth for you? It is pretty difficult to find out, but that is the best way.

My pre-scan ( not analyzed properly) pick will be UBNT and then VEEV (by seeing 19.6% and 21.2% Profit Margin) . Wait for some fall, grab the opportunity.

I recently watched BA went down to $309, but picked up at $315, good to hold long as this is established company, dividend payer, lot of US government and world wide orders.

If there is rate hike pressure is applied, many companies will vanish or struggle in future.

Read the pages 8,9,10,11 - possible four vulnerabilities that can result crash or bubble. That helps you to decide which companies are better (of course, you may know these by experience, he has spoken clearly).
If you listen to his 40 mins speech, he nicely put it. The above pdf is transcript.


Revenue growth (YoY), P/S
UBNT 15.10%, 7.32
VEEV 24.90%, 18.21
SPLK 38.60%, 11.19
SHOP 57.50%, 17.17
IRBT 28.81%, 2.55
NTNX 20.30%, 6.92

AAPL 19.60%, 3.19
AMZN 29.30%, 3.74
GOOG 21.50%, 5.88
FB 32.90%, 7.78


Rate hike period, sustainability is important. Cash rich companies will easily escape while credit based companies likely suffer.

This gives only 3 companies,VEEV,SPLK,SHOP,IRBT,NTNX

It needs lot of research. I have not done proper research on these, but my comment was from basic pre-scan only.


Shares of Splunk (NASDAQ: SPLK) jumped 9.9% on Friday after the operational-intelligence platform company announced stronger-than-expected fiscal third-quarter 2019 results. In fact, this marked Splunk’s 16th straight quarter of exceeding top-line guidance.

If that wasn’t enough, Splunk called for revenue in the current (fiscal fourth) quarter to arrive at roughly $560 million, up 33.4% year over year and comfortably above consensus predictions for $557 million. Splunk also raised its full-fiscal-year 2019 guidance for revenue to be approximately $1.74 billion (up from its old target of $1.685 billion), and increased its fiscal 2020 revenue outlook by $150 million, to $2.15 billion.


Football is better than stocks

30x In 30 years

Self-made billionaire Jerry Jones, who made his fortune in the oil business, bought the Dallas Cowboys in 1989 for $150 million. Today, his team is worth an estimated $5 billion.