Next 10x Stock Winner


WDAY tried puts, I came out on 12/26 when I learnt reversals


My 10x is doing well :triumph:



I thought MongoDB had it’s own topic, but search didn’t find one. It’s been mentioned in here and a few other places though.


TWLO and AYX seems reached 200 days high, holder must be careful.


Non holder short?


AYX Changed +positive, going 201+ high, TWLO reached high. This is just for monitoring. Neither I hold, not shorts or puts.


ATH 1 month ago to today

TWLO - cloud comms platform, don’t Apple, Google, and Cisco have this type of functionality?
UBNT - networking hardware, so sad, could be part of Apple
RHT - A cloud king
WDAY - A cloud king
VMW - A cloud king
AYX - Data Analytics


YTD of 10x 11.8% :grinning: 11 days into 2019. Have none of the above 5, still the same five SPLK SHOP VEEV NTNX IRBT


None of them do what TWLO does. TWLO is moving into customer support which is a pretty big area.


Your stocks to watch this week are five software stocks that are showing compelling chart action: Okta (OKTA), Alteryx (AYX), Workday (WDAY), Five9 (FIVN) and Salesforce (CRM). Okta stock is hovering just below a buy point and Alteryx is in a buy zone. Workday has formed a new base. Five9 and Salesforce stock are in consolidations.


Alteryx is interesting. I wonder how big the market is. There’s also about a million data analytics companies. I think it’ll take awhile for a winner to emerge.


I read an opinion piece saying enterprise software is a much more diverse space and more friendly to newcomers, because it doesn’t have the winner-take-all network effect in consumer space. That rings true to me. I just started to pay more attention there to learn more about them. There sure are tons of companies in there.


There’s a huge first move advantage though. Tableau became the standard for analytics reports. Companies will be hesitant to switch. Also, corporate purchasing departments tend to be risk-adverse, bureaucratic, and slow. There’s the old saying, “No one very got fired for buying Intel.” It’s why AMD always struggled to gain market share with enterprise customers.


But fundamentally corporations are more rational than consumers. If you con convince them your offering will save them money many will at least let you try. DATA has tons of competitors. Analytics is a very competitive field.

Even AMD is having a rebirth so to speak.


Not entirely true. Is diverse because of different sizes of enterprise and at different stage of growth. For example, a small startup can’t be using SAP. Just started usually use help yourself LAMP :slight_smile:


How come experts always recommend buy when they are ATHs and sell when they are all-time low?


We are all momentum traders.


manch hates SHOP. Any1 loves SHOP? I got 2 calls, no shares.
So far behave like retracing Cycle degree wave IV, retraced 38.2% :grinning:, II would require it to retrace more than 50% :sob: Retracement of 38.2-50.0% can be either II or IV :slight_smile:


It’s growing fast and a play on e-commerce trend.


15 days into 2019, 10x up 15%. Closed SHOP calls, now only hold shares in SPLK, VEEV, NTNX and IRBT.
Look at NTNX, just as good as NFLX. NTNX is founded by an indian :+1: So far indian CEOs are doing well, MSFT and ADBE :slight_smile:



All these are up today nicely