Next 10x Stock Winner


hanera gave the key details.

Tax reform reduced corporate taxes to 21% for all profits from the revenues they make within USA !

If companies make profits from revenues outside USA (like NFLX…) the tax is 13.125% for that outside portion

This increases NFLX margins as they go globally !

The actual tax clause is

In addition to the above GILTI provisions, Section 250 also permits U.S. corporations to deduct 37.5% of “foreign-derived intangible income” (FDII), resulting in an effective U.S. federal income tax rate of 13.125% on such income. FDII is the portion of the U.S. corporation’s net income (other than GILTI and certain other income) that exceeds a 10% rate of return on the U.S. corporation’s tangible depreciable business assets and is attributable to certain sales of property (including leases and licenses) to foreign persons or to the provision of certain services to any person located outside the United States.


I’ve traded it. It’s gone parabolic now.


I had decent amount of NFLX options. I sold just before it went nuclear. oh well. still made decent money.


Small caps continue to outperform F10.



Feel like a breakout… so 500 shares are likely to be called away, left with 750 shares… short of 350 to 1100 target. Wonder should add now or later :slight_smile:


MU, SPLK and NTNX are in rally mode :grinning:
VEEV would be if it break above the resistance at $79-$80.
SHOP would be if it break above $146.
UBNT and IRBT are still recovering from the earning and investigation damage.

STC MU calendar Jul/ Mar 23 $55 for 300% gain :rofl:
BTO MU calendar Apr/Mar 23 $60.
Riding MU momentum tiger :slight_smile:


I followed @lulu into MTCH.










Should I?




though i am debating if i should sell sq. but then i will probably not - i did that mistake in nflx.


Don’t predict what price should be. Relax and let price do the leading.


Read too much books. Explain in not less than 100 words and not more than 200 words, what the statement mean?


lol - what? why would you ask for such a thing for such a simple statement.


No much explaining to do. Buy when it goes up, sell when it goes down (if you must).

So for SQ, did its fundamentals change? If your only reason to sell is because prices went up a lot by your own measures, that’s probably not a very strong reason to sell. It can always go higher.

Or look at it this way. If you or I were good at timing stocks we would probably be a billionaire already. The fact that we are not means we ain’t that great. So be humble and respect the price.


You can understand what is meant by “Let price do the leading”? We are not talking about concept here. We are supposed to apply the concept to the five stocks mentioned.


Price is always fluctuating.


People have different systems. For me I only buy or sell once a day, in the last 15 minutes of trading session. I may allot 20K for each 5% increment. So for TWLO, I may start buying $20K. Then I’ll wait until TWLO goes up 5% to putting in another $20K, etc. If it doesn’t go up or even goes down, I don’t put any new money in.


Excellent ! Unless you see (foresee) there is a major change, no need to sell or buy.

You and me play on the opposite timing, I spend first 30 minutes of market as I may not have time to spend during the day.