Nice place,Land, yearly appreciation 12.5%

Just came across 2+ acres land in Campbell. Looks to me nice location for builders.

I have not seen this place. If it is flat land, it is excellent.

The appreciation looks like 12.44% year over year.

Just leaving it for pros…

Just 640K each piece. I need 6 more people, who is in? You will be happy with 1 or 1.1mil for brand new home 5/3 home. And we can all be neighbors :slight_smile:

Or build a multi unit for rentals

We could just got to the backyard fences and chat live…Gosh, I could go prefab no???

Did you mean to say appreciation in the past was 12.44%/year?

This was bought for $23000 during 1971 and now listed (assuming same sale price) $4,500,000. The year over year appreciation is (excel formula =((4500000/23000)^(1/(2016-1971))-1)*100 ) = 12.44%

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This is just land price alone, carrying cost, soft cost (for approval+other work)…etc takes 1.2M to 1.5M for this 7 lot each. If the units can be increased to 12 to 15 with 3BD/2BH, this will be nice profitable. Takes 2-3 years time to make it work. But, it needs strong cash finance+experience in this field.

Rentals will not be correct option.