No Appraisal Home Loans?

Thanks, but I plan to move in after a few years remember? I am such a city kid that your fresh air/water would be detrimental to my health… :smile:

Just 1031 into rental in Tahoe…great cap rates and could become a retirement house.Or could 1031 i to a vacation rental here…Rent it out and still be able to use it a few weeks a year…

It is not a bad idea, but I want to wipe out a good chunk of my projected capital gain legally by first converting that to a SFH that I will convert to be my primary home for a number of years to get as much of the 500K profit exclusion as I can. We have no kids, so this should be reasonably easy to do. The only roadblock is my wifey insists we can’t go farther south than Millbrae/San Bruno due to her commute otherwise I would love any of the peninsula cities that we chat about.


Thanks for the info. Yes, I am networking more than ever to try and find that pocket/private home for sale. I end up talking to a lot of agents at their open houses or I may call the agent whose sold sign I see near my property and I end up dangling the usual carrot of if you find me the end home or if your network has something you get to handle all of it including selling my place for me first. Fortunately, no hurry since place is fully rented out and there is no urgency to sell as long as 1031 exchanges are still in play.

As I told Mr. South Lake Tahoe, I do want to do the owner move-in after renting it for a short duration to try to eliminate as much of my capital gain via the 500K exclusion. So, it has to be a local property since we both are still working and the wife is adamant about a short commute. Since she feeds me, I want to comply.