No More Missed Sermons Or Need For Vegas Weddings

Wow, here is your opportunity to not only airbnb a unique property but you can offer to marry off your guests at the same time after you become an ordained minister. One stop shopping. Who needs Vegas?

I guess you can covert it into some kickass condos? Sort of like that thing next to Dolores park? Or is it in the park? I can never tell.

They did that in Cambridge. Very strange because the church was literally on a small residential street, so despite being housing, it was still out of place.

That’s the Dolores Park church I am talking about:

See how awesome it is? $6.5M awesome.

I don’t know, I like conventional homes with fairly conventional sized rooms, etc. I am not big on cathedral ceilings and wide open spaces. A home should feel cozy, not stark and cold.

It only feels stark and cold because your ego is not big enough…

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But I thought there was a general “movement” towards smaller homes or having a lesser carbon impact on Mother Earth anyway. Let’s not even consider the cost to heat up such a large open space and the difficulty to clean such high ceilings.

My relatives used to live in those HUGE 5k sq ft homes in San Ramon and those were ridiculous. There were numerous sitting rooms that I would never go into. Ever. Just give me a decent kitchen and adjoining open family room space to put in a huge tv and I should be good.

My wife now sees houses over 2K sq feet as too big. Because it will be too hard to clean it by ourselves. OK, by “ourselves” I really mean by herself, because men are pigs. Anyway, my point is that if we could afford a 2K house in SF, let’s cross out Bayview for a moment, we’d certainly have “made it”. The last thing I want to do as a multi-millionaire is cleaning my own house.

I am all for living large in the city. Hahahaha.

Obviously, with kids, you need a certain number of rooms and that is fine. But for us, nope, our Sunset home is more than enough and if anything I would love to downsize when we are old. I had a tenant once who was the greatest. Smartest lady ever. If I remember correctly, she was a librarian. Retired way early and just traveled all the time. Rarely used her apartment. What I loved about her was that she told me she downsized from a house full of stuff to just what she had in her apartment and she liked it. I was amazed (apartment is not that big). So, I have been on this kick to get rid of all of my stuff too. So, eBay has become my next fav website to get rid of stuff like comic books and other junk in the house.