No Need To Push Nice Places Like South Lake Tahoe @Elt1


Hanera is right. During Year 2000, stocks were sky rocketing IPO same day between 250% to 600%. Nasdaq spike 85.59%. Imagine a mass IPOs like FB and TWTR coming in bulk and people became millionaires overnight. With that money, they used to buy beach resort and Tahoe locations etc.


Hey @Elt1,

Hordes of people coming your way… can you handle it? Cha-ching!!!


Careful what you wish for…lol…Everybody prayed for the end of the drought. .now no beaches…lol…I hardly ever drive to the beach. .I go by boat…The beaches are for tourists. …


Ok, @Elt1, my Lowell buddies will probably be doing our annual long weekend up in SLT again this summer if especially our one classmate who was one call away from Obama at the time is there again to tell us secrets of what went down. Let me know if you have any large cabins available for rent. We probably need to sleep about a dozen guys or so comfortably so a large cabin would be in order. Thanks!


Check it out on VRBO…#220370…Or send me a private message…




Wow, what is up with your city there, @Elt1???


It is ski town. People have been smoking on the lifts for forty years. They just don’t want you smoking in and around the lodges. All my tenants smoke pot. But we don’t have a recreational dispensary like in SF…


Here ya go, @Elt1


Damn, @Elt1, this is sweet…



One of your neighbors won gold…


Terrible conditions. Glad no one was hurt.


Maybe they played Monopoly or chinese checkers, right, @Elt1???



Come on, @Elt1, do you want us to come or not???


Commie nimbyies are taking over. The anti tourist anti VRBO movement is common here as in SF, San Diego, Laguna Beach.
Currently there is a moritoriam on more new vacation rentals. There will be a vote to ban them. Not good for the local economy.


Don’t pass on that AR15 just yet…


Definitely getting the shotgun.
There is a rabid anti tourist trend world wide. The crowds on the weekends here are making locals crazy. Problem is tourists are needed to support the whole local economy. Locals forget how bad it was in 2010, when the tourists didn’t come…


Are you in this article, @Elt1?