No to RE, Yes to stocks


Basically, a few people want to control all productive assets. They want to make it difficult to be a small landlord with 1 or 2 doors to rent. Basically, the regulation and laws written to favor tenants and the dilution of property right will make it very difficult to be a landlord unless you have 100+ doors. Very sad commentary on things to come.


Adapt and thrive :slight_smile:

Be like oil, float regardless of the turbulence of waters.

2010-2020 buy RE.

2020 onward, buy stocks.

We are about to launch into the new Roaring 20s.


If stocks go up RE will follow. The Millennials and gen Z will start buying houses in the suburbs when they start having children. Covid19 will accelerate the process of moving away from roomates in tiny city apartments and moving in with life mates in houses in the suburbs.

Lets put it into the right perspective:

If earnings from the economic activity go up, Stock market valuation goes up, and Real Estate valuation goes up too.

So, if there is less economic activity or destruction as happening in some cities, lesser earnings, less valuation to business, and real estate.

Basically: earnings and loss dictate the valuation of stock.

If you see Real Estate as a business. Real estate valuation comes from Rent (or future rent potential of the real estate).