Nobel prize winning economist: "Recession is years away"

Looks like the past few months were the best chance people had for buying real estate for a low price. I am already seeing prices going up and really low inventory.

Where? I’m seeing price reductions and properties sitting longer on market.


I thought the sky was falling.

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Unfortunately that is not the experience here. Homes do sell. Inventory is more than local (i.e. SFBA South) can absorb. With 1000s if not 10,000 cluster homes sprouting the rental market suggests there are more supply than actual demand. Layoffs have started in SF, San Mateo, SCC from some high tech firms. Does 17.50 hourly wage count as full employment?

I only get $16 as a cook for Japanese restaurant :cry:.

Cupertino market seems to be doing fine. Here is what @hanera used to send out for south bay. Last year, inventory used to be around 21 to 25 homes in that area. Look at the “for sale” vs “pending sales”. There is a 50% drop in inventory.

Why you need to tell us you’re a Japanese?

Rookie. Most cooks in Bay Area Japanese restaurants are Chinese. :rofl:

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QE is back baby! Draw your own conclusion how price of assets like RE and stocks will behave.

That sharp uptick at the end may not look like much, let’s zoom in:

Look at how steep that ramp up is. Is the Fed done? Unlikely. QE is like heroin. We can never kick the addiction.

At this restaurant, we have 2 Koreans making sushi, 1 Chinese at the stove, 1 Mongolian working fryer, 2 Latinos (1 working at yakitori grill and other washing dishes). Talk about diversity!

Are there any Japanese restaurants left with Japanese employees?

Probably very few!

Shockingly for us, we do have 3 Japanese servers. The others are Korean

Probably the most expensive ones.