Noe Valley-ization In Affordable Fab 7x7 Neighborhoods

See, don’t waste your time buying condos. It is true, we are seeing high end homes popping up in Bayview and Excelsior now and SELLING. Developers are buying gang at already lofty prices and betting that they can get more after remodel. Until the money stops, they ain’t stoppin’ Why would or should they??? My advice, take two SFHs and call me in the morning…

I wonder what is the contingency? Contingent on me winning the lotto within this month???

House looks ugly though. Too formulaic.

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Wow, pended…

Boom, 3.25M Sold!!! (not bad 45K under asking)

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Not bad for the design fail :slight_smile:

Geez, what the heck is going on??? Brand new construction…3M!!!

Redfin link pointing to wrong house but check it out…1576 10th Avenue SF CA 94122