North Bayshore: Could housing incentives increase office space?

Other tech firms caught the scent of opportunity in the air. LinkedIn officials, who have long resisted the idea of adding housing to their proposed future headquarters, have had a change of heart. In a letter to the city, LinkedIn Vice President James Morgensen asked the city to add his company’s 1400 Shoreline Blvd. parcel to the areas under consideration for future housing.

“It has become increasingly clear how critical the addition of housing is to the community as a whole and to city leaders,” he wrote. “Housing access and affordability is a serious issue that impacts all of us.”

One year earlier, Morgensen told city officials that housing on his company’s parcel was essentially impossible due to toxic contaminants in the groundwater.

So we can’t live on land with toxic chemicals in the ground, but it’s OK to spend 8+ hours a day there working?

Just don’t sit on the lawns there… It strikes me that by the time they are ready to build it out in North Bayshore, another recession may have come, or Google would see its fortune go down. Would Google still want to build dorms if it is laying off people left and right?