Not Bad For a 7x7 Sized City

Just think, if we had George Lucas’s museum somewhere in there too… I know, stop it

What about when tech employees reserve a park and kick out local residents?

Well, you have a situation where you have too many users vs. space so what is an equitable solution? I am not a techie, but they actually have rights too. I am thinking a reservation system is a good way to approach it as long as everyone has a fair shot at reserving the space. Someone just can’t be hoarding all of the spaces/time slots, etc.

Isn’t life full of occasions where one has to wait in some kind of line if they want to be served?

You mean kicking the homeless out so that they can have their own tent city because rent prices are too high?

Has everyone forgotten this?

There was a huge uproar over it at the time.

I remember the story when it first aired. You know, I can see both sides since I have been there, on both sides. I grew up with not a lot of money and fortunately enough with hard work and a little bit of good luck and timing managed to do ok for myself. Who hasn’t been upended by someone else who had a reservation? It is not like they flipped the city a hundred dollar bill at the last moment to get the field, right? I mean, they followed the process in play and reserved the field. End of story, to me. People shouldn’t ever think that what happened before has to continue on. That is not realistic or practical.

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The truth is that adults and kids deal with things in different ways. It’s not just about the money. Adults see reservations as making life easier and taking turns. Kids just get together and, hopefully, take turns. The problem here is park and recs doing something that the kids didn’t understand or identify with. If the reservation had been free, this issue would still have happened.