Not Selling (Bernal Heights)


Yes and No. Most flippers are out for a quick gain, so their re-model is half-ass. Usually, re-modeled done by owners who live in it for awhile and then change of plan, is much better.


My counter to that is, remodels done by owners are tailored to their own taste, which can be very off from most people’s. Like if owners are into leopard stripes… Also owners’ remodels may have be done long ago, and has gone stale. On the other hand flippers are usually quite in touch with the modern taste.


Agree. Is why we are so easily impressed by their re-model and forgot to examine the quality.



Remember this one?


House seems solid. What’s wrong?


Kinda way off on the appraisal no? And who wants to live in an office/warehouse looking thing? Not me…


WUT? That’s the hot look. But most Bernal houses have tiny lots. 1.3M is cheap in BH. I wonder what’s wrong with the house.


Do you think Mrs. Manch would like to live here (pricing not a consideration)? Mrs. sfdragonboy would give me an emphatic hell no with a raised finger. Dude, this is not nice looking at all for a personal residence.


Wifey is even more of a modern architecture nut than me. So yea, this house would have gotten a two thumbs up from her. The house she most regretted not bidding is an Eichler in Foster City with a lovely central atrium.


Ok, I had to peruse the pics of the place again in Zillow to refresh my memory. Redfin doesn’t have anything on this place. Ok, not too bad once inside. To me, no curb appeal. Maybe best, keeps the hooligans away…


The exterior is exactly like that of Eichler. Kinda anti-neighbor. Perfect for anti-social people like me…


Ironically, our Founding Father…


I live within a mile radius. Not good, something is going on.

Check the property next door on 190.

I forgot to add: Owner spent $100K in remodeling this home. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: