Now This Is A Stock I Would Like To Get My Hands On

Just kidding, Sweetie…

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Don’t get Lululemon’s hype. Overpriced and mediocre style.

I am not sure I can count on your opinion @harriet. You aren’t a typical millennial woman… you have a house and working on getting another one. Plus you watch soccer for god’s sake. :scream:

I need to ask women who spend every penny buying clothes and cosmetics…

Why you try to benefit from other people’s wasteful ways?

Isn’t that what props up your beloved stock market? :slight_smile:

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My “beloved”? Yours too right? After all, without which it wouldn’t be possible for you to buy your dream home in Silicon Valley.

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You tell me. Is this sweater worth $64? And this is already on sale, imagine who’d pay this for regular price!? If someone wears this, can people tell it’s a $64 sweater? If you squint your eyes real hard maybe you can see the tiny logo in the bottom left hand corner.

No it doesn’t look like it’s worth $64. Or $34 for that matter.

I am on a shopping spree of brands mainland Chinese people are crazy about. Already bought stocks of 3 Japanese cosmetics company and Canada Goose. Wondering if Chinese ladies are crazy enough to spend $98 on a pair of pants like these.

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Oh for sure, but without someone suffering or spending extravagant, that wouldn’t be possible. we need more people that does that :slight_smile:

Stock market is never a zero sum game. If it were, I wouldn’t be investing into it. I invest in stocks because it helps me to achieve success by helping others to achieve success.


I can get Nike or New Balance pants at less than half that price…
And most ladies in Asia don’t work out, so they don’t even need these pants…

@manch maybe you should buy MANU instead. Ronaldo might quit Real Madrid and go back to Manchester United this summer. His apparel will sell like hot cakes :stuck_out_tongue:

Stop taking like a soccer bruh. :scream:

So sexist :unamused: You should read this:

Even though my name is Manch, I actually don’t watch any soccer, much less a MU fan. :smile:

My wife bought quite a lot of lulu pants.
Didn’t consider buying the stock because in general apparel stocks are volatile

MU fan, as in, micron? I thought you were one!

I know how you got your name. I think I even know the words :smile: