Oakland Announces Incentives For Low Income Housing

See, Oakland is offering incentives that haven’t been previously offered anywhere in the US to try to incentivize owners to participate in the Sec 8 program. Doesn’t do enough IMO but the effort is there. What I would like to see is allowing property owners to participate in the program and VOLUNTARILY discontinue from the program at contract anniversary or say after having participated for oh 2-3 years minimum with a Sec 8 participant, then you can leave the program at anniversary with proper notification. Now that, would be a cutting edge policy that hits the issue dead on. More owners would participate without fear of losing control of their buildings.

There are over 6M open jobs in the US. Why aren’t we more focused on training people, so they can get one of those jobs? Then they won’t need section 8.

The Section 8 program just needs to be updated for the real world. Don’t make it so that participants can sit around all day being lazy. Honestly, I have seen both since I have rented to Sec 8 participants before. Some of the tenants were actually nice people, just that well they either got pregnant early and then didn’t have the support of the father/husband to help out. I had a single mom who actually went to college while on the program and managed to become a working stiff like all of us.

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