Oakland taxpayer is the deep pocket for Ghost Ship victims

Again, how is it that the masses have not castrated Almena for his involvement in this tragedy? So many people died from this ill conceived and obviously dangerous building use. Haven’t we seen landlords/owners almost literally hung for way more minor offenses??? Oh, oh, is it because he is an artist so he gets a pass??? Right…

Everyone is selfish, mobs are even more so. This is not surprising. Mobs can often become extreme and their opinions often get radicalized from the positive enforcement from each other. This is downside of democracy.

I think law and order has to be at least as important as democracy. Any attempted weakening of law and order should be punished mercilessly.

A democracy without law and order is a massacre.

Well, that guy’s gonna get nailed. In the meantime we have this little thing called due process…

There’s a lack of intention from this guy. His intention was to provide cheap housing and cheap venue to low income artists. His intention is not to kill 36 people.

This is similar to Hillary’s case. Because Hillary has no intention to harm U.S. security, she was not changed. Due to a clear lack of intention, a criminal charges on this tenant might be unjustified.

Because the city has failed to perform required fire inspections for many decades, taxpayers will be the deep pocket to pay for the civil litigations.