Oceanfront RE Just Not What It Used To Be

ocean front airbnbs are nice i hear :slight_smile:

Ocean front property is a nightmare in California. Big winter storms and global warming are child’s play compared to the Stalinist regime of the California Coastal Commission. You can’t flush your toilet without their permission :sunglasses:

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Not only that but weather is mostly awful in WA, OR and most of CA esp in warmer months. Just came back from spending 5 days near Pismo Beach…brrrr cold every day. Had to crank up the heater.

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See, so don’t be complaining (not you, everyone else) about how poor the weather is in the Fab 7x7 during summer. Come back in late Sept and early Oct and enjoy our indian summers!!!

Remember the Pacifica erosion disaster in 2016?

Yeah, felt really bad for the owner(s). We may (or may not) necessarily compete for the same renter dollars but I think we all owners have gone through some kind of sheeet with our properties. Hopefully nothing like this, where your livelihood is literally washed away…

Bye bye house! Did Trump say global warming isn’t real? Those oceanfront owners who voted for him are sure getting a taste of their own medicine… :rofl:

world is constantly shaped by events like this. without global warming, plenty of places suffer from erosion or other land movements. half moon bay will be one of those.

Not sure if this one has anything to do wtih global warming. I bet not.

Ok then must be the ocean god Neptune forgot to shut off his water gate and unleashed too much water into the ocean… :rofl:

Beach sand is unstable and be washed out in big storms. Anybody who buys property on beach sand is taking a risk, even in Tahoe.

That’s minor problem compared to rising sea levels and erosion caused by tides.

Let’s not downplay the threats of global warming. Turning a blind eye and denying its existence isn’t helping.

If you believe in the threat of global warming don’t buy beach property

Yes. No way Jose! :rofl:

Better warn those folks out on 46th Avenue in the Sunset…oops too late

They are talking about closing the The Great Highway more often

That’s why Central Sunset is so hot (no pun intended). Once Outer Sunset gets swallowed up by water, Central Sunset should be ocean front and balmy like Malibu. Granted, I will be dust by then…

And once central sunset gets swallowed up by the ocean, my inner sunset will be that Malibu beachfront! My great grand kid will be there to witness this transformation in great grandpa’s home! :rofl:

Assuming the zillionaires of the Central Sunset are not able to raise the money needed to build that gigantic seawall… by then the Earth is soooo freaking hot that the last bastion of cold, the Sunset will be so coveted that it will be one of the most revered and expensive neighborhoods on Earth. Shoot, you think HK is expensive…Sunset baby!!!

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