Offering Free Drone Footage

I have an awesome drone that takes beautiful footage and I’m very skilled with it. Happy to take footage of your property or listing for free on a hobby basis! The extremely high quality of the footage (mainly owing to the 4k camera and 3 axis gimbal) will certainly increase the perceived value of your listed property.

By the way, looking to buy my first house in SF, so maybe you can share some tips and we’ll call it even.


Love your initiative to offer something to network and learn!

Doing this as a side gig business will earn you some dough for that first home in the Fab 7x7…

If this interests you, I feel some of the 360 visualizations of homes might also be interesting.

Drone footage is very good for very luxurious homes. I enjoy them, but for an average 6ksqft lot home it may not be as interesting.

Welcome to forum, and thanks for offering something. I hope you buy your first house really fast (unlike me! haha!)

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Interesting. What do you have in mind for a 360 visualization? It’d be very doable to make something like the interactive Google Earth 3d building visualization of the structure (see below) in much higher quality. I’ll take a demo shot tomorrow.

When i said 360, i meant interiors (sorry, this was without a drone :)), but outside might also be interesting.
Have you seen any 360 visualizations of an interior?

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A large property like this:

Could use drone footage.

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