Oh Well, Party's Over Gang

So, party like it’s 1999…

Not my problem :wink:

When your present is as shitty as that of Hawkins then maybe 1000 years in the future is important. .Personally I choose to live in the present. .

Why is stephen hawking famous? He’s wrong as often as he is right. He hasn’t won a nobel…Why do people listen to this guy?


Who cares? We are going to fuck up planet earth so we should go colonize other planets and fuck them up too? Does anyone see a moral imperative to preserve the human race in perpetuity?


Travel to other habital M class planets is impossible. .First none have been found and second travel at the speed of light is impossible, and there has been nothing found within 100s of light years away.

WTF is happening to this country???

CNN really is a great news organization. They have quality news like this:

Well, not all stories are going to be riveting, chock full of data, for you to dissect. Personally, I like off topic (business/political) stories as long as they are somewhat interesting.

Open marriage is the in-thing. Are you thinking of one? Already in?

@sfdragonboy is the one living in a world class city. I think that means he’s supposed to lead the way in new trends :slight_smile: It seems he liked the story.

Come on, if you really didn’t know me by now, I like every kind of story… remember, we all need a laugh now and then to keep our heads straight

Come on, when a music band chooses to name its band, Real Estate, it’s time to hunker down for a long winter…:grinning:

And then this, come on!!!

Then maybe a few very strong women can play in the same field with the men? :wink: