Ok, Add Moat To Your Vocab

if you want to be in with the SV crowd…

Buffet has been using it for decades, so I guess they finally caught up. Unless you have a legit moat, then you’ll face increasing competition and decreasing margins over time. I’m glad they are finally realizing business 101 concepts.

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He likes to illustrate a wide deep moat with his purchase of the BNSF railroad back several years ago with the fact that it is very hard to replicate railroad business: rolling stock, rights of way, infrastructure.

Here is his song about his new toy:

Shoot, never mind the mumble jumble, I want a real moat to prevent rent control from coming to the next town…

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It will be interesting to find out if rent control will always be part of a business climate of blue states/counties. If you invest in red states/counties, will you be able to avoid it? Is political climate part of the moat? Even in blue counties, if you invest in commercial RE, then I think you will avoid rent control.

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