Ok, But Where Does He Stand On Housing?


Ok to say where does he stand on housing, but where does he stand on SFs other problems too, like lack of parking, high cost of living, and homeless issues.

Well, I figured since I was in our real estate forum, I would only ask about his stance on housing. I take it you didn’t see my subsequent posts in the parking forum, cost of living forum and homeless forum…:grin:

We need to wait and see. But he would be better than those nonsense supervisors such as Compos and Avalos.

Well, I am not so sure about that since he supposedly sports a Progressive tattoo. Why is it so freaking hard to find moderates around here???

So you are running right @sfdragonboy ? Take one for the team.

Can’t…too many skeletons in the closet :grin:

Although the thought had crossed my mind after legislation on Happy Meals and condemnation of North Korea (or was it Iraq) is coming out of SF City Hall?? I mean, a day to honor a criminal??? WTF is going on??? Do some real work, people!!!

Hmmm, a hint on which way he might lean???

Sheehy’s husband, Bill Berry, who has worked for the past five years as a transaction coordinator for Zephyr real estate and before that as a real estate agent, said his husband is “‘tough as nails.”

So he’s a YIMBY?

Well, if he loves his “wife” and if his “wife” is like our wives (who ultimately controls our lives and purse strings) some hope???:grin: Sheehy, no sex until he votes yah on the next pro landlord legislation…