Ok, Credit Score Rankings For CA Cities

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The premise being the higher the credit score the less likely a city will be impacted by downturn? I’m amazed San Jose is a 715. I wonder how that ranks among other cities the same size. It’d be awesome to see national data.

Well, according to the article:

The aim of this study was to evaluate how each California town’s financial health contributes to the economic might of the entire state.

An average credit score is a good indicator to evaluate the economic stability of a town or city. With this statistic, we can get an idea of how much money a town’s residents are making on average, and how successful these people are in repaying loans and bills.

Oh, and SF is at 733 if you want to just compare with San Jose.

Does it really have to do with income though? Credit score isn’t tied to income. It’s about financial responsibility. I could see that leading to more stability for the city. Truly rich people don’t care about credit score. They have enough cash to cover everything.

But do you really think or know for a fact that say a minimum waged earner could actually feasibly have a credit score of 800+? Wide scope, the more income you have the more propensity to buy larger items like cars and houses and so your credit score build-up comes through that, no?

They could if they paid all their bills on time and had <25% utilization on their credit card.

I only have a mortgage and 2 credit cards. One I keep at home in case my wallet is stolen. I still have a score over 800. I’ve been told it’d be higher if I had more types of credit (car and/or student loan) and a few more credit cards.

Right, but my point is folks earning minimum wage and not owning much to establish any kind of credit history other than maybe a dept store card probably won’t hit the 800s right? Or, can they? See, I don’t know…

Yes they can, but probably need longer credit history.

My wife score is above 800

Whereas when it comes to me…hmm…:scream:

Wifey and I are in the 810s, which I guess is not too shabby. Let’s be honest, I pay for mostly everything so I am glad my scoring has held up…

That’s what you are telling us, if we ask her?..:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Interesting findings but …
A better way is pull income per household, and avg education. Do a significance test. See how they statistically correlated…

#43 MV 751
#59 Stanford 744

#88 Milpitas 738

#118 SF 733
#122 PA 732
#142 Morgan Hill 728

#193 Beverly Hills 718

#207 Union City 716

#212 San Jose 715

Sunnyvale, and Santa Clara are at large…

Can not articulate on, for example, why Stanford vs PA (#59-744 vs #122-732).

I do know Beverly Hills has lots of single divorced people from entertained industry workers. 55.9% residents are renters and 8.8% live under poverty.

On the subject of credit reports…

66 Fremont California 743 :slight_smile: