Ok, Fearless Leader, What About This?

Why does WF have to provide loans to non citizens??? Heck, they won’t even provide loans to some bonafide citizens!!! Was this another great achievement by Obama??? So, we give these folks loans and then they skip town on them since heck they ain’t citizens. Who pays??? We do!!!


If these young people want to go to college and be a productive member of the society, I say go right ahead. We need more not less people like that. :slight_smile:

What did this liberal have to say about immigrants?

That is not what I am asking about…the loans… do they have a right to loans as a non citizen? Simple question.

On the face of it, no. But I am not a lawyer either. Let the lawyers argue.

But the background is that she tries to get student loans to go to college under the Dreamers act. That’s a relevant part of the story.

Quite a few home buyers on H1b in bay area are non citizens @sfdragonboy

Can illegal immigrant get a home loan to buy a house?

The young immigrants in the country illegally have Social Security numbers and documents that meet bank requirements for identification, but Wells Fargo refuses to give them loans based on their citizenship status,

I don’t know enough about H1b to counter that @RealEstatebull, but the fact here about illegals getting loans is troubling, no? Why in the world should illegals have a right to anything in this country???

If illegals are protected from deportation, they would think they are legal. If government gives the social security number, is it more than illegal?

It’s the government’s fault. This lawsuit has a merit. Obama should pay for the damaged due to his confusing law.

If you want them stay illegal, deport and at least no social security number. If you want to give them social security number, make them legal.

If you want to give them a status between legal and illegal, give them an illegal immigrant number, not the social security number

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I dont think they can get loans - Illegals I mean, but no expert. from experience, wells fargo is the toughest to get things done for non citizens (legals).

Collateral loan is always easier to get, especially when the asset involved is a piece of land that will not disappear overnight. I don’t know if a legal international student can get student loan on his/her own. Based on this article, I guess no. I can understand the bank’s policy. The previous administration should have given these students citizenship, rather than just a slim hope, at least for the students that go to colleges.


Foreigners can get home loans with proper income verification. You do not have to live in US, you can live in Mexico and you can still get a home loan to buy a house in SF. Of course, you need a legal visa to visit your house.

Many wealthy Latinos buy houses in US with a US home loan. They use legal visas to come here to visit their property. Perfectly legal and it makes a lot of sense for good neighbors.

Student loan is a welfare, it’s not a commercial loan. Very different animals.

It’s an irony that liberals have a hatred towards Chinese people who come here to buy houses legally. However these liberals are protecting the illegal immigrants vigorously. And many illegal immigrants are opposed to Chinese buying houses here and the illegal immigrants think they live here so they have more rights.

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