Ok, How About Pop A Baby Get A Starter Home?

I’d love to hear an explanation of why people think is is bad. It’s not like we are remotely close to endangering the existence of humans. If people think humans are killing the earth, then slowly lowering our population is a good thing.


I agree with you in the long run.
However, during transition time, it would be difficult.
Big burden to younger generation and lack of social supports to older generation (compared to what they provided to their parents generation).
Unfortunately, we (myself and my children) live during this transition time.
Thus, it is a concern from the perspective of people in transition time.

In my experience, there’s usually 1 child that carries the vast majority of the burden of caring for the elders. Having more kids doesn’t spread it around.

I think couples should have 2 children at least. That’s the minimal replacement threshold. Anything lower than 2 will generate population decline. Although, one might argue that population decline isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the environment, it certainly is bad for the economy.

Also, technological innovation adds value to the economy, besides population growth. So even if there is a population decline, the economy might not be screwed if given enough innovation in technology.

The study is limited to US only. The unsaid is what demographers are worried about. What could be the unsaid observation?

Well, I can speak on this subject since I am in this situation. We, my 3 siblings and I, are on a rotation taking care of Mom. Yes, my lil sis is doing a bit more of the heavy lifting because she is a stay home mom but we ALL are contributing every week.