Ok Landlords Pick A Side

…any side. What would you do?

Should we save private Ryan?

She’s 100 in a month? Wait until she dies. How long can that be?

Seriously, though, she must be in some really amazing health to handle the stress of a court case.

Another article:

“The issue for Canada is that owners who want to convert the building on Page Street into condominiums. They formed a tenancy in common more than decade ago, but allowed her to remain in her apartment as long as she lived there alone and paid rent.”

Does she own part of the place or not?

This is like the other story awhile ago where the aged tenant did unfortunately die during all the press (RIP). At that point, I was thinking, Mr/Ms Landlord just let her live out her life there. Believe me, it is not for her, it is for your well being. Yes, that one too had some sort of legal mumbo jumbo reason why they had to act at that moment but still she died.

As a landlord again, I myself try very hard to be fair about things. I realize it is a business and one needs to take care of one’s business or it will no longer be your business shortly, but still…

I still don’t understand if she co-owned the place or not. If she co-owned it, then well, sorry, that’s part of co-owning something–you can’t always do what you want. They should’ve thought of that when they entered the agreement with her 50 years ago.

But if she’s just a renter, then I don’t understand the issue.

From the story, she is a co-owner, so she owns I guess one of the flats or apartments. Now, she supposedly won the court case to be allowed to stay yet somehow lost the court legal fees??? Very strange…

Ok lesson for today: Don’t co-own, do it yourself!!! Ok, @RealEstatebull, you can have Union City/Nework (not Fremont, I’m there already) for yourself!!! I’ll be the one staring you down at the next open house…:wink:

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One of our kids went to a high school built around a pig farm and residence of an elderly lady of 98 at the time an agreement was reached to build the school around her acre, buy her property, rent it back for a dollar a year. The acre is designated for student parking. more than a decade after the agreement was made she is alive.

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See, that example sounds like a true meeting of the minds. These few cases where people are fighting very old people who probably more than likely will pass on soon, is pathetic. Don’t they have a conscience?

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No can do in a democracy. You co-own the country and are governed by the whims and fancies of the majority. Some say minority interests are catered to but that is a majority wish in disguise because minority interests are funded by the majority’s tax money. You can’t opt out.

[quote=“nanomug, post:7, topic:390”]
…more than a decade after the agreement was made she is alive.
[/quote]If she can live past 2 decades, she would still be around after 2 centuries. Medical industry has almost found a generic cure for cancer and close to decipher the mortality code. Then, we might need a law decreeing no one shall live past 200 years. USG better dismantle social security fast before the financial burden relegate this country to a third world status.

One word: bacon.

Give her free bacon and let the fat takes care of her…

WOW…I am actually speechless for once…

[quote=“hanera, post:10, topic:390, full:true”]

Hanera, sadly people have worse health than before. This generation is not expected to live as long as our grandparents. Diabetes rate is expected to be 1 in 3 :frowning2:

You can thank Pepsi and Coca-cola for that.

Not Denny’s too?

[quote=“Terri, post:13, topic:390, full:true”]

Nope and you can’t blame McDonald’s either. It is a total lack of self restraint on the part of the consumer. I love it when people say “I am fat because of a glandular problem”. No, you are fat because you won’t control your eating.

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It’s not just a matter of mind over body, soda makes the body do the wrong thing and causes cravings.

One issue is that sugar prevents you from feeling satiated. You simply eat more when you have a soda with dinner because your body won’t tell you you’re full. And then there’s the unstable blood sugar levels which make you crave more sugar an hour or two later.

Another problem with sugar is that it feeds candida, and candida makes you crave sugar. I had the most interesting experience after the birth of #3 where I’d been on antibiotics. We both had a clear yeast infection (she had thrush, and I had other symptoms). I was having serious sugar cravings which I assumed was simply a “I’m free to pig out now that the baby is out” mentality, took a probiotic to offset the anti-biotics, went to bed, and woke up the next morning with the sugar cravings gone. I had no clue that candida could do that to you, but it’s apparently normal. That’s one reason why people who are able to stay on a low-carb diet for a couple of weeks say that they stop craving sugar–the candida die off.

Just imagine if you were at the end of the stick. Old, confused, tired, fighting those wanting you out or with a casket as a suit.
I still have faith on my fellow landlords, I think…:innocent:

Looks like another lawsuit involving a tenancy in common for the Fab 7x7…

Sue the city in the Supreme Court, restore your property rights.