Ok, Who Bought Nvidia BEFORE 2016?

If you did, I want to talk to you (since you probably really know how to pick winners or at least some decent stocks). We have some idle money sitting in a Schwab account that needs tending to…

I did. :slight_smile:


I got in before the last earnings announcement. Sold it a couple of weeks ago and rolled the profits into 90/140 call option spreads for May, 2017 for twice as many shares.

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Awesome. What time does your paid seminar on stock picking begin?

I did not. Kicking myself for not buying a small position.

Jane, marcus335,

It means you guys have to give us some stock tips. What to buy for 2017?

Uh oh…
One can have a good luck at least once in a lifetime. Right? :slight_smile:
In 2015, I thought that mobile sector was going down and AI/autonomous_car were going up.
Thus, sold QCOM and bough NVDA.
I am still bullish on AI related stocks (meaning will hold this stock for a while).
However, I am neither serious stock investor nor very knowledgeable.
Sorry that I am not very helpful… I was just lucky this time (and haven’t sold it yet, So, who knows?).

Come on, @Jane, no need for the “past results are no indication of future results” disclaimer. I personally would not hold it against you (my wife would…:grin:).

Nvidia fan boys and girls, here I present to you Nvidia’s self driving cars.

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No need some journalists to tell me, make few hundred dollars shorting in just one day. Yesterday short, today close. Easy money.

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Ok, Who Bought Nvidia BEFORE 2016?

Bought in April 2011, sold in Dec 2012 with a loss. Why? Because it was easy to make money in stocks at that time, but NVDA wasn’t one of those.


Should you hold, it make more money than the replacement stocks?

Haven’t made those calculations. My play stock growth since 2009 is up higher than if it would have been invested throughout till date in S&P or DJI indexes(although in my case I was in cash for most of 2013 & 2014 & half of 2015).

My method(if anyone wants to call it that) is buy and sell when you get substantial gain.
Another example I can remember off the top of my head -> Bought ARMH for 8 & sold for 12 (50% gain, I thought was enough). Stock eventually went up to 54 on that run. Bought again @44(in IRA this time) & sold for $66 when it got acquired for SoftBank.

In other words, just like any retail investors :blush:

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Yes :slight_smile: aided by some well known books on this subject & some paid investment newsletters.

Any of your guys subscribe to IBD? Anyone follows their technicals? I bought their book long time ago and even went to some of their meetups. Not sure if they still meet in person.

I did for a bit. I didn’t find it that useful, but maybe it was just the timing. Almost every breakout quickly failed and triggered a sell. If you search for 13 week highs and fillter on market cap over $500m, then it’s pretty easy to look for strong stocks that have the right chart pattern.

No, I do not subscribe. I am behind my own research, breaking my mind to get the answer, but read a lot in internet, esp weekends.