OMG, look at the photos of the home sale!

Buyinghouse, look at the photos !

Looks like the car comes with the house? Just kidding.
You need to pay 5% for auction fee and haul out… Don’t knock it often there is enough change on the ground for a meal…
I will write the contract as it needs a buyer realtor still.

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Good old 95127. I wrote an offer on 113 PALA years ago… December 2010. Ground zero. Well, I guess that badge goes to 95122.

Portion of that house had kind of moved off the foundation in the '89 quake.

I offered $200k, winning offer was $220k. Has not been resold yet.

Now almost half a million for that mess.

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Is it a distress sale and the seller does not care about the price?

I used to rent in 95122. Now the Vietnamese are moving in en masse. The nearby Vietnam Town shopping centers are still building out. I am fairly bullish on that area.

BTW San Jose has way better Vietnamese food than SF.