Opposing AB 1436 - Tenants Living Free for Years (ridiculous rent laws)

Once again this piece of legislation is from our favorite (ahem) David Chiu. David Chiu needs to voted out NOW.

AB 1436 Allows Tenants to Live Rent Free for Years

Tell the State Legislature to vote NO
Oppose AB 1436 Now

San Francisco Assembly Member David Chiu just unveiled AB 1436, a proposal to force landlords to defer rents for 15 months after a state or local state of emergency is lifted - which can translate to years of unpaid rent - if a tenant is unable - or unwilling - to pay rent due to COVID-19. We know that in many cases, local governments don’t lift their emergency orders for years. That means an owner may never receive the rent they deferred during the pandemic.

In addition to not receiving rent, landlords would not receive funding under AB 1436 to pay their taxes, mortgages, utilities, or staff. AB 1436 is government overreach and does nothing to help our current crises —it only makes our housing crisis worse and will put hundreds of rental owners into default leading to mass foreclosures on rental housing.

CAA is committed to finding common sense solutions to help tenants remain in their homes and ensure rental owners receive the income they’re entitled to so they can pay their obligations and continue to provide quality housing. State and local governments must continue to find ways to help residents financially impacted by COVID-19 keep a roof over their heads. That’s why Senate Bill 1410 (Caballero) is so critical, as it proposes a state-funded rent voucher program to help pay the deferred rent and provide stability to those renters who are recovering financially so long as they remain current on their contractual rental agreements.

Tell the legislature to oppose AB 1436 - the free rent plan.

How on earth can they take a signed rental contract and just tear it up? This is why we need smaller government not bigger.